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About us


SUZUKI MOTORS PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading dealer of Suzuki Motor Corporation, a global giant of motorcycle manufacturing headquartered in Japan. They deal with motorcycles, scooters, big bikes, ATV’s and satisfies the desirability of their esteemed customers.

Plant area and production capacity of Suzuki

  • Suzuki has a manufacturing plant in Gurgaon (Haryana) having the annual capacity of 5,40,000 units. Total land area of the facility at Gurugram is 37 acres out of which the present plant is constructed in an area of 10 acres of land. The remaining area is left for land development and future expansion.
  • The biggest testimony of Suzuki’s commitents towards “environment first” is seen in the new plant of suzuki two wheelers at Gurugram which is built to be a zero discharge plant.
  • One more step in making company environmental friendly is the introduction of natural gas as a fuel for power generation and production processes.


  • We have safety guards/safety curtains to ensure Operator safety on machines. We have also installed robots through out the facilities to reduce the ergonomic stress on workers. There are gas detection systems installed to eliminate any gas related accident and fire detection system for immediate information about any fire related incident.
  • We have fire fighting system (manual & automatic) for immediate handling of any fire related accident . We have a fire tender (capacity 4500 litres water, 90Kg CO2,150Kg DCP and 500 litres capacity foam).
  • We try to maintain zero accident record through regular safety audit, frequent training for staff, line associates and contractors.
  • We organise different safety programs and competitions to encourage employee awareness and involvement.
  • To take care of the health of all our employees, we maintain all international parameters and standards for drinking water, treated water, ambient air shop floor, office and the outside. We keep updating all these standards of health and welfare of employees through a team of well qualified personnel in the laboratory.


Quality Control at Suzuki Motorcycle India has four main sections:

QC has four main sections as follows:

  • Tested by SMC Japan with their international quality standards
  • Final ( Vehicle) Inspection
  • Market Quality
  • Parts Inspection


In Vehicle manufacturing, quality check consists of all body parts & engine parts.

  • The non conformities in the parts being procured may lead to production loss & degradation of the quality of the final output and life of the product. To ensure the product, the dimensional, material, aesthetic & performance inspection for the special processes are carried out on the individual parts before they are declared fit for the assembly.
  • For carrying out the inspection activities effectively, we have the latest & sophisticated machines installed in the inspection area.


After the assembly is over, the vehicles are inspected for the following critical aspects:

  • Safety related parameters such as braking; clutch operation and other functional defects of the vehicle.
  • Emission related parameters for checking the conformance of the exhaust gases with the emission rules.
  • Functional & aesthetic parameters are also checked.


Most commonly known as “Warranty Section”. The main function of this section is:

  • To act upon the customer’s feedback received from the service department for the up gradation of the product.
  • To resolve the quality issues being received from the market by visiting the suppliers & taking the corrective & preventive measures for the same.
  • Monitoring for the effectiveness of the measures taken for the particular problems through the cut off engine/ frame numbers.


  • The core philosophy of SMK SUZUKI is to provide value to its customers. SMK Suzuki believes that quality come from the effort to carry out Product development from customer’s point of view. This policy has been in effect since Company’s inception and has helped the Organization to meet customer’s needs. As a result, Suzuki’s products have become well received throughout the World.

  • Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customers.
  • Establish a refreshing and innovative company through teamwork.
  • Strive for individual excellence through continuous improvement.


SMK Suzuki provides value proposition to its clients without compromise on quality.

Largest collection of suzuki bikes and scooters makes us the #1 dealer in Chennai.

Service has always been a father in our cap. We know the imporatance of it and we’re serious about it.